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As with any blog, they take a good amount of time to develop and then establish, including gaining readers and followers to it. 

This blog so happens to be my second one - the first commenced back in 2007 and ended less than a couple of years ago. However, the odd update is still written for the purpose to update any regular readers it gained and of course continuing to be a type of written album for my family to look back on.

The blog topic was not of a craft type, with a business element like this one. Its purpose regards education - to elaborate, it is based on home education. So, like I said a completely different blog to this one. It charted all things daily in the lives of my daughter and I, as a home educating family - from days out to days in, from weekends away to weekends working an allotment. From books, clubs, cinema trips, museums to Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and birthdays. From milestones, achievements, successes to what wasn't working and of course some tears and venting from time to time. There were also posts on baking, cookery, more than a hint of crafting, music, dancing and lots and lots and lots of laughter and endless giggles - to sum up a roller coaster of a ride and one that still goes on to this very day!

What is similar about the two blogs is they both portray a way of life - learning is a continuous journey with stepping stones and sometimes dead ends. Moments of elation shared and those times of disappointment, but moments we need to have to keep that determination going and keep us on our toes.

Running a small business is no easy feat - it takes time and takes up your time - it won't run itself and is in some ways like a newborn baby - you cannot leave it to grow - it needs you - demands you, yet provides you with rewards. The reward does not always have to be of a monetary kind or be a customer order - a comment, a thumbs up, a new follower, a wise word or being wished a lovely morning are rewards too. They drive you on and keep a smile on your face.

I hope this post helps another blogger or small business owner, whether new or established - it's a written hug from the heart to say that it's all worth it - blogging and running your own small business is worth it - whatever we strive for, is worth it.

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Wishing you a lovely evening,

Creator of this blog and indeed behind the crafty door book props