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Proppin' along!

Today has been a rather productive day even if I say so myself, despite returning to the day job after 11 straight days off! I am delighted that I managed to complete the very first caterpillar key ring that will be placed on The Very Hungry Caterpillar book prop bag. I love it! Here's hoping it it the very first of very many book prop bags.

I also placed two online orders - one for more yarn to complete this first set of book props and the other for two The Very Hungry Caterpillar paperback books. These two books will become part of two gift sets that will be accompanied by a caterpillar (the same larger one of the two caterpillars for the book prop bags). 

I'm hoping to either create a bag for the gift set or more preferably now I've thought about it, a gift box - the type of box with a window lid. I think the latter may be more economically and environmentally the better option in addition to looking more pleasing to the eye.

I have to finish this post with some super news. In the last 24 hours I may have not one but two possible venues lined up for setting up a craft stall filled with all my craftiness. These venues will cover Christmas time too which will be wonderful in addition to hosting my own festive craft selling party afternoon in my home. This hosting of  craft parties will be offered to my guests. In return they will receive a voucher giving them the freedom to use its worth (probably £30.00) on any behind the crafty door items.

Well time for a little more crafty before I retire for the evening, so I shall say goodnight, until the next post.