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Oh, the joys of Blogging!

Today I set out to customise this blog. I got through the morning jobs (part time day job and household chores), was fed and watered before settling down with laptop in hand and ideas in mind.

I must have spent an hour and half on customising the blog with its new template that looked as close to a magazine style as I could possibly create. All seemed to be going to plan, when it dawned on me the comments link could not be opened.

Furthermore and much to my horror, all the comments to the posts I had already received and replied to had disappeared! I attempted to restore the original template in the hope the comments would return. The laptop said no! 

I felt sick, cried and felt so upset. I felt like quitting. I contemplated deleting the blog. All the hours I had put into it over the past few weeks since starting it up gutted me. I could have spent the time crafting. Well that's what I kept telling myself. And then the defiant, determined, I'm no quitter side to me kicked in!

Guess what? 

My 13 year old daughter helped me work on it to cut some time down so that I could be in bed watching tonight's Question Time on BBC1. We did it! I will be winding down and tucked up in plenty of time.

I so love this style blog even more now. It's so much more than I wished for regarding its style. It's the best one created. Third time lucky and all that. I'm one very happy even though exhausted lady. I just hope my readers will enjoy what they're browsing through, navigating around, reading and the way it's set out.

Please do feel welcome to share, follow, subscribe and comment on the posts. Of course there are those links on the sidebar you can click on that are all things behind the crafty door related!

Thank you to my daughter for all your help. It's very much appreciated.

Time to take that big sigh of relief and know it all worked out in the end and head off to relax until tomorrow arrives.

Bye for now,


  1. We thought our tv was broken until our 11 year old fixed it! Kids are so useful for this kind of thing :)

    I'd been blogging for about a year when I let the internet fairies update my theme and it deleted all my changes! I'd worked so hard to make it pink and it all went! I cried so much! Then I chose a different theme and it was all much nicer and didn't take nearly as long. It happens to all of us :)

    1. Hi Anna,

      A year?

      I don't want to even imagine how that must have felt.

      I'm glad you didn't give up either - I enjoy browsing your blog. Love he post on making a Body Form for dressmaking. Very clever indeed :o)


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