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Looking for the next set of Book Props

I have been running a poll over on the Internationally known story book props for children Facebook group . Voting is for the next set of book props that behind the crafty door will be creating for its portfolio. The poll has been running for a week now and has 3 days to go before closing. Do feel free to pop by to cast your vote by clicking on the above link :-)

Before creating the poll I posted to the group asking members for their suggestions by leaving book titles in the comments. Four or five book titles would be enough to create the poll. We ended up with six. I was so pleased.

So, the poll was created and the six titles to vote for are Dear Zoo, The Gruffalo, Town Mouse and Country Mouse, The Christmas Unicorn, The Gigantic Turnip and Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

So far Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell is out in front. 

I will need to research this well known children's classic before even commencing with any pattern planning or tweaking any existing ones out there to make my own. 

I still have props to finish for The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I am very excited to finish them. They will be donated to an Early Years setting which I have already arranged. They will be the only props for this particular story to be donated. I am sure other story props will be donated to other settings from time to time.

So, in three days time my next set of story props to be made will be announced. Here's to the next post on Sunday, if not sooner.

Bye for now,


  1. I've somehow lost the comments attached to this post when customising the blog's new template. Thankfully my notifications are still in existence! So, I'll quote what Anna Wilson kindly commented:

    "This is a genius idea. These are my 2 favourite children's books :)"

    Thank you Anna :-)


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