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Chuffed to bits!

A couple of weeks ago I requested to join mumsnet bloggers network to register this blog. I didn't hear anything back so attempted to retry! A message flashed up stating this blog's URL was invalid. I wasn't sure why.

I thought it wise to email them and attach one of their widgets to the blog sidebar as I wasn't certain whether that was necessary like some blogging networks when requesting to join their network.

Well this afternoon I received an email back welcoming me to their network. Woo-hoo!! How chuffed was I? I also proceeded to join as a mumsnet member (optional) and hey presto my blog can now be found on their bloggers network! I hope it brings more traffic this way. As for the widget I placed on the blog sidebar yesterday, I've just replaced it with the 'I'm a member of the mumsnet bloggers network'...

Like this post heading states, 'chuffed to bits!'